Winter is Coming… Err, It’s Here


As I type, a blizzard/snowstorm/nor’easter/snowmageddon, whatever you wish to call it, is a-brewing outside.  Winter is definitely here.  The downy snowfall makes me want to have a cozy afternoon in my PJs, reading a book while drinking hot tea near a warm fireplace.  The scene is reminiscent of a Lifetime movie and I’m not complaining!  To keep this lovely winter wonderland picture in mind, I want to share some ideas with you so you may experience your own Lifetime movie at home:

  • Jasmine Green Tea
    • My new tea obsession!  I adore tea of (almost) all flavors and I recently came across this lovely blend at a Japanese restaurant — the waitress kept refilling my cup throughout my meal as I couldn’t stop sipping.  It’s light yet fragrant and super tasty.  This comes highly recommended for a cozy afternoon.
  • A Page Turner
    • I love to read and as there are so many books to choose from, I’ll direct you to an excellent site: Goodreads (link above.)  This site keeps track of all of the books I’ve read, as well as recommends new books for me based on my reading list.  I have also won a few free books through their giveaway program, which is great since I rarely win anything!   You can also befriend people on the site and see what books they like/dislike as well as read their book reviews.  I cannot speak any more highly of this site — it’s a must for all of the bookworms out there.
  • Cozy Slippers
    • I admit, I have cold feet.  No, I’m not speaking about my wedding but my feet are ALWAYS cold.  It’s not easy during the cold months so I layer on the high socks and warm slippers whenever I am at my house.  I love my Minnetonka Cally slipper as they are warm and comfortable and not wool (I’m allergic) like the other popular slipper brand.  They have a rubber bottom so I don’t slip around on wood floors.  This is my second pair in 5 years, so they last a while and are a great investment.
  • Quote of the Day

Always laugh when you can.  It is cheap medicine.

Lord Byron

Stay warm and cozy by the hearth!  Until next week.

xoxo, A


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