February Cheer


Hip, hip, hooray for February!  This month shall bring me lots of smiles because of the following activities I have planned:

1.  Wedding dress shopping with my Mom!

2.  Celebrating Valentine’s Day with my fiance as well as our first date (not on V-Day, but at the end of the month) which was over 3 years ago.  Details TBD.

3.  Wedding venue tours and tasting lots of yummy food.

4.  After eating said yummy food, gym sessions will be necessary, such as this 30-minute full body workout you can do in your living room (OK, I might not be smiling while I’m mid-sweat but I will be elated when it’s over and I’m glistening!):  http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/30-Minute-Full-Body-Workout-Video-36303832

5.  Starting a work and life challenge to find my dream job!

6.  Dreaming of a sunny, beach vacation to escape this dreary cold.  http://www.coastalliving.com/travel/best-beach-vacations-0 

7.  Getting my craft on.  I am obsessed with these rosette balls which I have yet to make but look super easy.  These may be part of my wedding decor… still early stages.   http://www.theidearoom.net/2011/01/tissue-rosette-kissing-balls.html

8.  De-cluttering my closet(s!) and donating my gently used items to Goodwill.  So good!

What do you plan on doing/making/celebrating this month?  Well, that’s all she wrote for today.  Cheers!  xoxo, A


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