No More Snow

angry kid

There comes a point this time of year when you no longer wish to see snow.  Roads are terrible to drive on, snow melt leaves white marks on your wood floors, and your dry skin is begging for some Vitamin-C and sunshine.  To rid yourself of the winter blues and possible cabin fever, let’s enjoy the following:

  • Podcasts
    • I just recently found Apple Podcasts — amazing!!  And they’re free.  I am obsessed with Serial (, a 12-week series that engrosses the listener about a murder of a teenage girl in Baltimore, MD in 1999.  A who-dunnit that features interviews with the accused murderer behind bars, as well as those associated with the crime.   The music and voices of the show are hypnotic and addicting.   After the show aired, there was lots of dialogue about the crime and even new interviews arose with those involved.  In fact, the case is due to be reopened, which could lead to a different ending for this true story.  (FYI:  SNL did a hilarious skit about Serial.  Watch it here:  I cannot wait for season 2, which will follow a different crime.
    • Another great and informative podcast is Awesome Etiquette (  The show is hosted by two of Emily Post’s kin; remember her, the originator of manners?  Lizzie and Daniel answer listener questions about etiquette in today’s ever-changing cyber technology society. They speak on everything from door-holding to hand holding.  Don’t forget, pinky’s out!
  • Lemon Tea Detox
    • Drinking a cup of hot lemon water first thing in the morning is said to debloat your belly as well as awaken your senses.  I’ve been drinking this concoction for the past week and I love the smell and taste.  TIP:  Drink with a straw as lemon is highly acidic and can ruin tooth enamel.
  • Winter Boots
    • I’m on the hunt for a new pair of winter boots.  My F-Uggs (‘F’ for fake) have seen better days.  I’ve had them for over 5 years.  They also no longer have traction on the sole, so they are now ice skates in a slushy parking lot.  I found these Bearpaw boots online and love that they look warm, durable and appear to be non-slip with a heavy rubber sole.  They are also cute!  I would recommend spraying them with water resistant solution so that they can weather the snowy precipitation better.
  • Quote of the Day

No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn.

Hal Borland

Spring is just ’round the corner — March 20th!  So think warm thoughts and it will be here before you know it.

xoxo, A


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