Incredible Edibles


Still cold.  Still snowy.  Still February.  So…. here’s some of my fave edibles at the moment:

  • Snacky Snacks
    • Popcorners, the new shape of popcorn
      • You have to try the caramel flavor.  Delish!
    • Everything Hummus
      • Like my favorite everything bagel, this hummus is wonderful. It’s a limited edition, so get a package before it’s gone.  Just enough garlic and onion to keep the vampires at bay!!  The Tribe brand knows how to do hummus right.
    • Apple and PB
      • Your classic, everyday, keep the doctor away, wholesome snack.  Tastes best on Granny Smith apples.  Yum!
    • Coffee Cake
      • A sure winner.  I use a box of yellow cake mix topped with a cinnamon sugary crumble.  Mmmmm!

Snacks and wine… the best combo!  Have a happy belly this week.

xoxo, A


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