March is Madness

Career (Employment)

No, I don’t care for basketball but it is March and it is madness regarding the amount of snowfall this year.  (My computer must know that when I blog a blizzard will occur simultaneously!)  So far this month, I’ve been busy wedding planning and setting career goals for myself.  No easy feat when you combine the two, let alone individually.  Since a career is foremost on my mind these days, I’ve come across some helpful ideas for the I-need-a-new-job folks out there:

  • Preparation
    • As a former girl scout, one knows to always be prepared.  This life skill definitely carries over to the workforce.  This article is helpful (I can vouch for the author since I wrote it!) Enjoy!
  • Working with Others
    • This article is wonderful for those that forget that being a team player is key.  It is important to remember that your colleagues have their own quarks and unique thought processes that may differ from your own and therefore, no two people are the same.  It may be frustrating at times but the world (and work!) would be super boring if there was no individuality.  Embrace the weird and learn to work with all sorts of people — it will make you a better person, too.
  • The Ask
    • For many women, being assertive in the workforce and asking for a raise can be a scary and delicate situation.  But it doesn’t have to be as it’s known that many men feel no apprehension about asking for more money as they feel they deserve it, so why should you not get what you want as well?  Approaching your boss with the why and the how of why you deserve a raise will make it more of a conversation about your accomplishments and your future goals, rather than an open-ended question.  Go into the meeting prepared with your best self and know that it never hurts to ask.
  • Quote of the Day

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


I’m working on working and it isn’t easy but everything always works out in the end.  Stay positive in your search for career happiness.

xoxo, A


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