One Year Later

Hello, friends. It’s been almost one full year since my last post. My excuse for the lack of posts: life.

When we last spoke, I was preparing for my wedding. My black and white themed wedding went off without a hitch. I went on not one, but TWO honeymoons. I started a job and ended that very same job — not by choice. I moved in with my husband and officially took his name (such a pain to do!) I started to run and actually ENJOY it — yes, you heard that correctly.  Life indeed happened this past year.

So what am I up to these days?  Although I’m currently seeking employment (again!?,) I’m also planning lots of yummy meals for my husband, reading books from my list, tanning in the summer sun — with SPF 50, of course!, running in the a.m., thrifting for the perfect kitchen items, gifts, books and home decor, house hunting, catching up with friends who now have babies, blogging for a fashion site dedicated to Kate Middleton (woohoo!,) and spending time with family.

I would say I’m pretty happy.

  • Quote of the Day

Being happy never goes out of style.

– Lilly Pulitzer

xoxo, A


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